Why should you Trade-in?

The trade-in car value is the amount a car dealer is willing to offer for a new vehicle in exchange for the old one. The trade-in value of your car depends on its market value.   

Westside Auto Wholesale offers free car valuation to help you find out the trade-in value of your used car. 

Advantages of Vehicle Trade-ins

Selling your used vehicle can be time-consuming. It can take days, weeks, and months to process the paper works and find the best offer. Vehicle trade-ins lessen the hassle of selling the vehicle and allow you to get the best offer right away. All you have to do is negotiate so you can drive away the car of your choice!

Vehicle trade-ins accept your car as is. There is no need to spend on repair to improve the appearance of the vehicle. If the vehicle looks great and in good condition, a great deal can be had.

Vehicle trade-ins stop you from dealing with tire kickers who could be wasting your time and effort. Trade-in your car with a dealership to avoid annoying buyers and a waste of your time and effort.

Should I trade-in?

Car trade-in is a good way of getting the best deals on used cars. It is more convenient, saves a lot of time and stops the hassle to dealing with problematic buyers.

If you have a used car at home, take it to a dealership for trade-in! You could get the best offer for it, in exchange for a second hand Toyota perhaps?

Reach out to Westside Auto Wholesale for free vehicle valuations.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is a big gamble. It is always associated with extensive checking and best negotiation skills. However, if you got the best deal, there are various benefits ahead.

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Here are the benefits that you are expected to avail from buying a used car:

Saves money

It is no secret that the prices of used cars are significantly cheaper than new cars. Getting the car that you like is possible due to a lower price.

No crazy fees

New cars tend to have hidden or extra fees such as delivery fee, dealer preparation, and shipping charges. You are not expected to encounter such fees if you choose to buy a used car.

 Lower costs

You are not expected to spend on add-ons and other charges. It may already installed or you may install it yourself to save money.

Used cars have undergone a thorough inspection. 

Car dealers are experts in checking and expecting a used car. Used cars have been refurbished, certified, and inspected by the manufacturer to ensure quality and condition. So, buying a second hand BMW from your local dealer is safe and worth it!


Hybrid vehicles use lithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydride batteries which damages the environment. Used cars are environment-friendly due to reduced carbon dioxide output. 

In conclusion 

Buying a used car is a wise choice as it saves money in terms of fees and add-ons. It is also better for the environment due to lesser carbon dioxide output. There is no need to worry about quality as it has been thoroughly checked, inspected, and certified by the manufacturer.

However, you must learn to watch out for hidden fees. Do NOT spend on unnecessary add-ons. (It will cost more!)

So, buy a used car now!

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Used Cars

  1. Cost

Know the estimated cost of purchasing a used car. Calculate all necessary expenses whether it is cash, trade-in or through car finance so you can realistically set your budget.

  1. Quality

Check the vehicle’s features and make sure that it is working well and in good condition. Watch out for red flags.

  1. History Report

Check the vehicle history report to ensure that the car is in good condition. History report can tell you if the car has serious internal damage.

  1. Reviews

Find out what others say about the vehicle by checking online reviews or contacting the previous owner. You can also check the internet for informative reviews from big auto companies.

  1. Negotiate

Always negotiate. However, be realistic with the figures. You can always get a good deal for any used car.

What I have listed are only the main factors to consider when buying used cars. There is more. However, always incorporate the top 5 factors to your list. 

Start searching for cars for sale by finding all the necessary information!

Come to us for a free car valuation to find out the trade-in car value of your vehicle!

How to Choose a Car Dealership

Buying a vehicle through a car dealership is a good way of finding the best offer in used cars. There are proven tips you can follow to find the right dealership who can give you the best offer.


Do your homework. There are various tools that can help you find information about dealership companies in your area.

Ask around. Look for recommendations about reputable dealership services. Find out what others has to say about them.

Watch out for negative feedback as it could be a sign of bad service. Make sure that your chosen dealership company is known and registered.

Consider the longevity of the business. 

Dealership companies that have been around for a while are likely to offer good service. However, do not necessarily rule out new dealership companies as they can also offer good deals. 

Let’s accept it. 

A long-running dealership is an indicator of good service. Dealership companies with poor service will not thrive in business for a long time.

Compare prices  

Check prices and compare them with one another. Remember not to take the deal because of the low price. Consider other factors such as quality, car history and red flags.

You can use the internet to check prices and quickly compare them with one another. Make sure that the amount involved is transparent and does not involve hidden charges.

While checking and comparing prices, you will also have the opportunity to look at other options in the same price range. Mark them as it can be your “plan B”, just in case


High-quality service is the best quality of a good car dealer. Gauge the quality of service by making a few trips to the dealer’s warehouse or office and engaging a conversation with the staff.

You need someone who can help you get the best car deals in town, not a salesperson who will give you a headache by luring you to owning a low-quality vehicle.

It is important to have a good sense of whether to deal with the salesperson or find a new dealership.

In conclusion

Generally speaking, finding the right car dealer is an easy task as long as you understand the car-buying market and process. You don’t have to Einstein to be able to do that! A little research would do.

Be savvy. Use the information that you have to your advantage. There is no doubt you can find the right dealership! 

How can I get the Best Car Finance in Perth?

Are youthinking of buying a new or used car and are in the market for a good deal in car finance? What are your best options in and around Perth?


There are a wide variety of new and used cars for sale in and around Perth. If you have found your dream car and are ready to take the next step towards driving it away, it is time to look at your financing options.

There are many car financeoptions such as through your bank, through the finance departments of car dealerships,specialist loan companies, through the RAC, or similar.

Let’s look at some of the options that you have and frequently asked questions about car finance.

What if you have a History of Bad Credit or are a First Time Borrower?

If you are a first-time buyer or fear that you may have a poor credit rating you should not worry. There are still various options available to you.

There are car finance consultants who will be happy to discuss your situation and provide recommendations to first time buyers or those with credit challenges.

In all but the most extreme cases, it is still quite straightforward to organise finance for your new car.

How About if I Have an Issue with Providing Documents?

This case is often referred to as Low Doc loans.

In certain cases, business owners or the self-employed may find it difficult to fulfil the loan requirements, or for whatever reason, you may not wish to share financial documents with the finance company.

Usually, in order to successfully apply for a car loan in Australia, you need to provide proof of income, a drivers license, expenses, liabilities, etc. However, some specialized lenders offer a Low Doc car loan which can use another method to measure your income level and financial viability.

The advantage to this is that tax returns or financials may not be required, and a no deposit option may be available.

How Fast is the Approval Process?

Many car finance options offer an extremely quick approval process. It often takes a couple of hours for your car loan to be approved and the documentation process can be completed in minutes.

Are Extended Terms Available?

Many car financecompanies can offer a car loan with repayment terms which vary from 2 years up to 7 years.

Another option is to reduce your payments is to add a residual value, which leaves a lump sum to be paid off at the end of your loan period.

This is a good option if you are confident that your financial position will be stronger in the years to come and will be able to save to make an extra payment at the end of your contract.

What is the Difference between a Secured and Unsecured Car Loan?

A secured loan is when you use an asset to secure your loan, such as a property that you might own.

Your asset is used as a guarantee against your loan and if you are unable to repay the loan at any time, the lender may utilise your asset to recuperate the balance.

An unsecured loan is when the lender does not need any security to guarantee the debt.

An unsecured loan will usually come with a higher interest rate which covers the increased risk to the lender.

In Conclusion

There are many options for taking out car finance, and some great opportunities to get a great trade-in car value for your old motor.

Westside Auto Wholesale has a team of car financing experts who will be happy to discuss with you how you can get the best car finance in Perth.

Check us out to find know your trade-in car value!…

What to Consider Before Applying for Business Finance

It is vital that you clearly understand what it is that you want to get from a business loan in order to choose the right one. Finance brokers are a good option to give advice and help you get a clearer picture of the process

A business loan serves many functions, it can help you purchase essential equipment, manage your business’s cash flow, or fund growth. However, you will need to find out which loan suits you best before you apply for one.

What are the Steps that you should take before applying for business finance?

You should consider the following steps before you start the process of securing a loan for your business:

  • Be clear on the purpose of your loan. Getting this clear is a major step to selecting the right type of loan, and you should expect it to be one of the first questions you will be asked by a lender.

There could be various reasons for taking out a business loan such as investment in equipment or a vehicle, expanding your business, or managing a change of location.

  • You need to know how much you can afford in repayments. Your broker or lender will be able to explain your different options for your loan term and repayments.

Be prepared for this discussion by looking at your business financials and cash flow forecasts and working out what level of payment you can afford to make each month.

  • Calculate the loan amount needed. If you plan on buying an asset, the amount that you will require should be easy to calculate.

However, if you are organising business finance to allow for an expected shortfall in cash flow, you may need expert advice.

  • Decide if an unsecured or secured loan works better for your business. You can normally choose between the two and both have advantages and points to consider.

A secured loan means you need to use an asset such as property to guarantee your loan repayments. The advantage here is that your interest rate will be lower, and the disadvantage is that the lender may sell your property if you have a problem repaying the loan.

An unsecured loan means that you don’t need to provide any asset as a guarantee. However, the interest rate will be higher and it is more difficult to get the loan approved.

  • Decide on a fixed or variable rate of interest. The lender will often give you the choice between fixed or variable interest.

The circumstances that your business faces will dictate which is better for you. If you are confident that you will be able to repay the loan even if rates go higher, you may choose a variable rate in the hope that you will be charged less interest over the period of your loan.

A fixed-rate might work out to mean that you pay more interest overall, but it is a good choice if you need to be certain what level of repayments you need to make every month.

  • In order to avoid nasty surprises, it is important to be sure you are clear about all of the charges and fees included with your loan.

There may be fees for applying for the loan, early repayment fees, exit fees, or evaluation of asset fees if you choose a secured loan.

There are many options for business loans throughout our region. It is worth speaking to an expert finance broker in Perth so that you candiscuss in more detail what your best options are and ask any questions that you might have.…

DIY Home Security Systems

No suburb is immune to break-ins, so it might be time for you to reconsider your level of home security. Here’s what to look for:
  • One or more panic switches for instant alarm triggering.
  • medical alarm (for elderly or infirm people).
  • One or more smoke detectors.
  • 24-hour back-to-base monitoring, which can notify the base station of break-ins, smoke, personal duress, panic and medical alarm.
  • Personal duress feature (for monitored systems): if an intruder forces you to deactivate the system, entering a duress code will give the appearance that you’re complying, but the monitoring base will register this.
  • Even if you don’t want monitoring, it can be worth getting a system with a phone dialler, so if the alarm is triggered it can call you (or someone else) to let you know.
  • Get a system that allows your home to be compartmentalised into zones so you can program each zone separately.
  • Zones also allow an instant/delay handover. For example, you may set up your living room zone so it’s triggered instantly when an intruder comes through a window. On the other hand, if an occupant of the house enters through the front door zone, the instant/delay handover comes into effect, so that the living room zone goes into delayed-alarm mode instead of instant alarm, giving the occupant time to deactivate it.
  • Ability to add optional accessories, like additional heat or motion detectors, pressure mats, reed switches or an extra siren.
  • Battery back-up — a good feature especially if there’s a power failure or it’s deliberately cut, so your home’s always protected.
  • Single versus multiple triggering. Alarms may be automatic or manually reset. An alarm that’s reset automatically can go off every time it’s triggered — multiple triggering. It could be a nuisance if you have a pet that’s discovered a great new trick to set it off continually. But under most circumstances, it’s the preferred system for local alarms.
  • Warning stickers for your windows and door.
  • Test the system regularly, keep it maintained and if it was professionally installed, get the company to do a professional service at least once a year.

Need a  security companies Perth in your area? are team is ready to discuss your needs now.

Learn about security cameras and CCTV video surveillance!

Before purchasing any surveillance equipment do your research and become an informed consumer. The surveillance equipment market is highly competitive with many products available from hundreds of vendors. The huge variety of CCTV security cameras and video surveillance recording systems can be a huge advantage for the consumer, but it can also present an overwhelming number of confusing choices! Become informed about CCTV video surveillance.

Need a video surveillance camera for home security or for your business? Want to learn how to set up your own CCTV security camera system? Or are you a security manager looking to improve your existing CCTV sytem? Thinking about installing your own surveillance camera system or having a professional security camera installer do it for you?

HowToSurveillance.com is a website dedicated to sharing information about CCTV video surveillance systems and answering such questions as:

  • What types of home security camera options do I have?
  • What are the basic components of a CCTV surveillance system?
  • What options are available for digital video recorders (DVR)?
  • Is a wireless video surveillance camera security system always the best option?
  • What is a CCD chip and how does it function in a security camera?
  • What is the focal length of a security camera and what difference does it make?
  • How do I use a Lens Calculator to select a lens for my security camera?
  • How can I get the best images on my security systems?
  • How does IR night vision work?
  • How do I choose the best surveillance camera for my needs?
  • How do I install a wireless IP camera to watch watch my home from anywhere?

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